Matt and Kailey

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Our Story

May 14th, 2017: Kailey matches with Matt on "Coffee Meets Bagel" and sends him a message because she sees that he also moved around a lot as a kid. They realize that they've both lived in California and Wisconsin, and immediately hit it off.

May 19th, 2017: Matt shakes Kailey's hand when they meet for the first time. She's terrified that it's going to be an awkward date. They go to Mission Taqueria for tacos and margaritas. Kailey realizes Matt is just her type, and it's the best first date she's been on. They decide to buy tickets to a Brad Paisley concert during dinner. Matt kisses Kailey during the opening act. They spend the rest of the night dancing and kissing.

June 11th, 2017: Matt drives to Baltimore to pick Kailey up from the airport at 4:00 AM. They spend the morning eating brunch and walking along the water. When they get back to Philadelphia Matt asks Kailey to his girlfriend.

June 23rd, 2018: Matt and Kailey move into an apartment in center city Philadelphia together. He quickly falls in love with her cat, Rizzo. They love to explore their neighborhood and watch Cubs and Packers games in their living room!

February 5th, 2019: Matt asks Kailey to marry him during her lunch break, 100 yards from where they first met. Of course she says yes!

September 20th, 2020: Kailey and Matt eloped in a ceremony with their parents and siblings in a ceremony on Matt's parents rooftop in Chicago and officially became the Winklers!
Susan Moyal